Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vacation and a race

After our quick stay in Texas we were on the way to Ohio for a family visit, mini reunion and relaxation.

The first day we were in Ohio I found out that there was going to be a triathlon in a neighboring town, Napoleon, that I of course immediately signed up for.

Part of my relaxation was using the farm as a training farm. The roads are great for biking since there is so little traffic and it is nice and flat. The weather made it nice too since it was in the 80s (coming from the 100s in OK and TX) and I was actually cold a little. Nice.

The other way to relax in Ohio is playing cards, and we did a lot of that. It seems like if we aren't eating we are playing cards. It is a lot of fun to hang out like that even though they pick on me for winning all the time ;)

While we were there we decided to build a deck for my grandma's house. The first day my dad, uncle and I got it all framed out. That really was the hardest part of the job, trying to get everything square and level. The next day was pretty simple job of putting the decking down and screwing all the boards.

The fourth of July was just around the corner so my aunt and uncle had a BBQ over at their house. All of the aunts and uncles and cousins and second cousins were over and it was great to talk with all of them again. When it started getting dark we took the quick walk over to the river bridge and watched the fireworks.

The next morning came real early though since it was race morning. 750m pool swim, 12.4 mile bike and a 5k run. I got there pretty early and got a bike spot right on the edge of the rack and started talking to a couple people around me. Really friendly and we saw a lot more people showing up and it turned out to be a lot of first timers. It wasn't like one of the races I am used to. There were a lot of mountain bikes, not many road bikes and even a recumbant bike. I have never seen that before.

The pool swim went pretty well, even though it was really wavy. Usually on a pool swim you swim up and down lanes but they have lane ropes that keep the waves down. It was almost like swimming in a lake. I made it to transition in 16:03, which was pretty good since there was a long run from the pool to the bike area.

I had a little trouble getting my shoes on but soon enough I was on the road. The bike was awesome. Very flat and not much wind at all so I was able to settle in and really get in a rhythm. I was passing quite a few people and didn't see anyone gaining on me. I had the 4th fastest bike split which surprised me. I'm never that high up.

The 5 k hurt. I was trying to push as hard as I could and was able to hold a decent pace. I passed a couple people and a couple passed me but it was a pretty uneventful run. I finished the run in just under 25 minutes with an over all time of 1:19:16. I was 5th over all and 2nd in my age group. All in all a great time and I was glad to see my family come out and cheer me on, even through I didn't really see of hear them. I tend to get into my own little world.

After the race we went to a good buffet called The Barn and I promptly refilled all my calories on fried chicken. So good. We then went over to my other grandmas house for another family get together. After more food and fun I had to get back home to load up the car for the long drive home the next day. It was a great vacation and I had a lot of fun.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Vacation time!

This summer we made our annual trip to Ohio but this year we made a "side" (down?) trip to Texas for a wedding. We left late Friday night and ended up in New Braunfels pretty late so we didn't go out or anything. That next morning I got my bike out of the car and went on a great 45 mile bike ride. Nice wide shoulders, great scenery and no traffic made it a great ride. The even better part was that it meant I could eat pretty much what every I wanted. And since we were in Texas, that meant Mexican food.

Every time we are in New Braunfels we eat at a place called Adobe Verde right near historic Gruene Hall.

I had some delicious enchiladas that I had no problem taking down.

After that we spent a few hours at competing outlet malls and a few new shirts we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. It was a very nice outdoor wedding and despite being over 100 degrees we were comfortable in the park since it was so shady. It was nice and quick then on to the reception. I ended up going back to the hotel early since we had a long day of driving the next morning. On to Ohio.